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12 Days Left

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I am currently killing it while temping at a prestigious investment bank in downtown Chicago.  What better time to practice my blogging skills than while answering strangers’ phones?

Ok so let’s see…Ed and I have 12 days until we fly away and there are a few things we haven’t done yet:

Things We Haven’t Done Yet

1) Pack all remaining belongings in the condo in an orderly fashion (probably about 35% of what we* own is still in the condo…the rest is in Mary’s basement and garage – THANK YOU MARY)

*ha!  We.  Out of that 35% of stuff, approximately 1.5% belongs to Eddie and approximately 5% is old magazines I can’t get rid of .

UPDATE: We are now in Boston and I ended up throwing all of the magazines away even though my soul was screaming, “DON’T!  IDEAS ARE IN THOSE!”

2) Secure a small team of trust-worthy bodybuilders to move our heavy items out of the condo

3) Secure a pod service to transport all our belongs safely from Chicago to 18 Banks Street, Cambridge, MA

Things We Have Done Already

1) Sell the giant upright piano to a good, deserving person (it’s going to an 11-year-old boy in our building who is downright sick of practicing on a keyboard)

2) Enjoy our building’s pool

3) Drink Coors Summer Brew while watching televised golf tournaments where Ed tries to tell me what a “wood” is and I nod and pretend like I get it

So things are really coming along!  August 24th will be here in no time, and thank god, because I have packing anxiety dreams almost every night where I fill a suitcase or box, only to realize there is more stuff to put in the box, or the box is all of a sudden empty and I have to start over, or the box disappears and I have to carry it all instead, or I realize I’ve missed the flight because I took too long packing.  Ugh.  First world problem turned literal first world nightmare.

Other things that are happening in my life: I purchased a Nume curling wand last night because my beloved 1.25” Hot Tools curling iron broke (the clamp only stays in the “up” position now.  NO.) and I hear Nume is supposed to be of “professional” quality and I would like to pretend  be a professional.  Also last night, Ed and I ate Miso Asian Kitchen take-out for the last time <sob> and I felt so bad because my friend there who always says, “Hi Emilyyyyy!” when I call to place the order and “Oh, for ED!!!” when I ask for a ginger ale, has no clue that our weekly order of crunchy spicy tuna roll and chicken rice bowl has come to an end.  She’s just the nicest, but she seemed stressed last night so I didn’t tell her it was our last order, I just said, “See you next week!”

I have 1.5 hours of temping left but I’ve run out of things to tell The Internet and I don’t have any photos I can upload and then discuss.  Oh wait – I just looked in what appears to be the daily planner of the girl whose desk I’m sitting in, and under her 2013 resolutions she has checked off “Get a new job!”  Good for her!


hey whut about meh?  here iz mawmee #2 holding meh how i like it.  see how pritty i iz all strecht out?

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