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A girl and her cat try out The Internet

Juicy’s Corner

hai. mai name is juicy n’ i luv tew eat sentipeeds. dis iz mai furst blawg.  one tyme, last nite, i tippt over mai mawmee’s water n’ she laffd so HARD!  i wuzn’t in trubble at all.  here, dis iz me:



here dis iz meh agin in mai favritt chair!



here dis iz me up close with my blawging face.  i iz like, “hey, i iz a serius blawger, i barley have tyme for dis foto”.

wow dat’s a gud one.  k bai.




2 thoughts on “Juicy’s Corner

  1. omg this cat is so pretty. i love this cat!

  2. Juicy and her grandma both think that her page could use an update at this time -a facelift, so to speak.

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