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A girl and her cat try out The Internet

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Boston, MA + Blawging = Cats

I visited a Peet’s Coffee in Boston today and a blind lady sat next to me while I was giving birth to this blog.  She rested her cane on my leg thinking it was the bench, and then her dog licked my jeans all over.  It made me feel like this:

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But then I immediately felt bad because…that lady’s blind and I’m a b*tch.  So then I was like this:

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Then the lady started talking to her dog about how she got hit by a truck recently and had to have both hips replaced because a car that was stopped on the road told her it was clear to walk but it wasn’t clear because there was TRUCK coming.  Then the woman put her backpack in my lap thinking it was the bench again, and I went back to feeling like this:

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Finally, after the woman spent some time petting the air and telling the dog how good he is, she asked the dog if they should go to Verizon because they need “new cords” and T. God the dog said yes so now they’re gone and I feel like this:

Peet’s Coffee, you funny.  Here it is: