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Our First Week at HBS, A Photo Series, Part II

It’s been almost two months since Ed’s and my arrival to HBS/Boston/Cambridge/New Life and it seems like years and only days at the same time.  I look back at the pictures and am constantly surprised at all the things we’ve done, and how cool we’ve become.  KIDDDDINGGGGGG we haven’t done that many things.  Kidding again!  We are just kind of cool.

This post is going to be lots of little stories that don’t go together, except I guess you could categorize them all under the umbrellas “FUN” or “AWESOME” or “NETWORKING”.  Is anyone else blown away that I just used the word “networking” without wanting to die?  I literally hated that word from 2007 – 2013.  Now I’m like, “Networking? WHERE LET’S GO.”

But for real, this is a long post so go get a snack or something.  Maybe a glass of wine?  I’m going to talk about parties.

We’ll start with the time Ed and I went to a cute little bar/grille in Harvard Square and enjoyed a beer.  Here’s me, psyched about life:


The only reason I’m including this story is to internet-shame our server and show off my sweet Harvard non-hoodie.  What happened: I had an Allagash and Ed had some other beer, and our bill was $20, which was definitely wrong.  The server charged us for his two most expensive beers thinking we wouldn’t catch it, and when we called him over to point out his error, he acted like the computer did it.  I’ve been there, buddy.  No dice.  He tried to pull his trick on the wrong penny-pinchers and now he is SERVED (pun).

Next on our agenda was RC Field Day.  RC = Required Curriculum, and that is what everyone calls the MBA first years.  EC = Elective Curriculum, and that is what everyone calls second years.  This first year Ed doesn’t choose any of his classes himself, his schedule is given to him, and he sits in the same seat in the same room for every single class while the teachers rotate.  Next year, Ed will elect the classes he wants to take and be mixed with students from all sections (there are 900 students in his class, with ten sections of 90 students each, labeled A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J.  We are in Section D!).

Each RC section is given a color (Section D is green) and every student was given a sweat headband in their section color at the beginning of school.  We were told to wear our section color and gather next to the Harvard stadium to play silly games during a beautiful Cambridge afternoon.   Here’s the scene:



Snapchat translation: Field Day, we are winners, sports, balls, games, BULLSEYE

I realized on Field Day that there is a reason little kids have such regimented schedules, are told where to sit, and play games that force them to interact with other people.  HBS would be much harder if we weren’t pre-grouped together, weren’t told where to be and what chair to sit in, or required to play foolish games with our new family of strangers.  We showed up and HBS was like, “Here are your new friends.  Go have fun.  You don’t have a choice.”  Ed and I had pretty much no clue who our other section-mates were on this day, and looking back at the pictures is great because now I know them and it’s funny to see everyone just trying to survive.  Here’s the whole bunch after we didn’t win first place, second place or third place:

Field Day

Can you find Ed and I?!

We started the events with the limbo, which is HARD when you aren’t seven years old.  There were several near-catastrophes as people saw how low they could really go.  I saw some buttcracks.   Which is why I did not participate, I just watched and took this pic:


Next we played a game where people threw balls at trash cans while three other teammates linked their bodies to help get the balls in, but they could not use their hands.  Lots of arching and jumping and falling down and whatnot happened during this game:

IMG_1289  IMG_1286

Dizzy Bat was next, which is now my all-time favorite field game to spectate.  I nearly peed my pants it was so funny, because nothing is better than adults spinning around in circles and then trying to run in a straight line as fast as they can.  I have a video of the highlights, which I plan on watching 102345098135 times.  Here’s Ed taking his turn:


The day ended with wheelbarrow races (below), and an award ceremony.  I don’t remember what the awards were, since we didn’t get any.  Overall, I’d say Field Day was a total success, some participants got pretty bad sweatband sunburns, and I would like to do it again now that we know each other.  Wait a sec.  I just realized I didn’t participate in any of the games…  Emily!  That’s poor.  I guess I would wheelbarrow race if given a second chance.  Next time!


After we cleaned up from Field Day we got our party outfits on and headed to Casino Night in downtown Boston.  We were bused from HBS to a fancy hotel where an entire mock casino was set up and we were each given $2000 in fake money and two drink tickets upon entrance.  Below is a view of the hotel-ballroom-turned-casino; that’s Eddie in the right-hand foreground, networking:


I was determined to (fake) win big, so Ed and I hit up the Roulette table pretty hard:




Despite the fact that I had so many chips I could barely fit them all in my purse, drink tickets were in short supply so we were forced to purchase our own at the bar.  Martini’s were $18 – $18!!!!!! – we ordered cocktails instead.  Mistake:


Snapchat translation: $24. Who the HELL does this hotel think they are.

I learned two lessons this night, and the first is three-fold: a) Never purchase drinks at a Boston hotel, b) quickly identify non-drinkers so you can have their tickets, c) understand the importance of The Pregame.  The second lesson I learned was from a fellow female partner and involves wardrobe.  I wore dark jeans, a white chiffon tank, a white blazer, a statement necklace (thank you Erienne Lee), and cobalt blue heels.  I thought I was looking on point.  I even took a selfie in the bathroom because I thought my hair game was so good:


Snapchat translation: I’m taking a selfie in the bathroom per usual. Don’t judge me. Clap your hannies if you like my hairdo.

So I’m walking around, winning chips, paying out the nose for cocktails, and thinking I look like however many chips I’ve won.  Then a female partner comes to chat with me and says, “You know, you can totally tell who’s a partner here and who’s not.”  Me: “Oh yeah?  How can you tell?”  Her: “Because all the partners here have on super boring shoes or flats.”  Me:  “OH REALLY.”

Of course I breathlessly told Ed this story, and he assured me that my footwear was not boring.  Who knew my 3” closed toe would be so telling!

Ed and I ended the night at a poker table in the back room, in the good company of the HBS Latino contingent.  Our dealer was super nice, and helped me accumulate as many chips as possible before we all turned into pumpkins.  Here he is, counting out my winnings from one hand:


And here’s Ed, proud of his woman and her full house:


Once the dealers shut their tables down, we caught the bus back to Julie and Sim’s, exhilarated and exhausted from Field Day and our first official HBS party:


Snapchat translation: Nightypoo don’t poo in your nightie

The following week we got dressed up again (yes, I had on “partner” shoes) and hit the club for the Latin America Club’s Great Gatsby party.  The universe was on my side, because for absolutely no reason other than “I might want this?  Probably not.  But I MIGHT,” I had decided to pack a top covered in fringe while packing in Chicago, and then poof, I had a 1920’s themed party to go to.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE.  The club was completely shut down for us (although, it was a Wednesday so that’s actually not that cool) and it was PACKED.  Are you ready for this?!  It’s insann:

IMG_1393Da club in purple hue


Snapchat translation: I’m at an HBS party and can’t stop sending snaps of the exact same crowd over and over and over because it’s blowing my MIND

Da club in white hue

IMG_5613Da club in green hue


Selfie with da club

Pretty coooooool, right?  Here are some shots of people you don’t know that were at the Gatsby party:




Do you see all the props in that pic above?  Those were all thrown from the stage in the middle of the evening and were the best props I have EVER SEEN.  Latinos sure know how to ramp up a party mid-way through a party that is already at level 10.  Here are some parting shots of Ed and I enjoying our over-sized party favor (which we still have – you never know when a giant inflatable mic will come in handy):


Future (current?) superstars above and below


Omg, are you tired yet?  I hope you’re enjoying whatever snack you chose in the beginning.

After all these events, Ed and I needed a little us time, so we ventured out to the Barking Crab for a date night.  We thought the Barking Crab was a pretty good seafood joint, but have since been told by New Englanders that it’s “just ok”.  Well!  Could have fooled us.  It’s a restaurant right on the water, nestled in next to a bridge:


IMG_5581 Snapchat translation: Get in my belly fish, shrimp, seafoods, beers.

The interior is under a yellow and red striped tent with open-air sides, a bunch of kitsch everywhere, wooden picnic tables, and a live reggae band:



The meal was fabulous (are food pictures interesting?  Not sure):

IMG_1364Beverages: Mai Tai + Margarita

IMG_5587Lobsta roll: fresh lobster marinated in butter, sometimes with mayo, sometimes with celery, always on a hot dog bun

IMG_5586Coconut shrimps

IMG_5585Clam chowda

Since there is construction all around the restaurant, they spray painted little crabs along the pathway so you know you’re headed for seafood bliss:


For cute, right?

The next batch of photos are from daily life here in Cambridge.  I’ll blurb under each of them:


 First small group Section D dinner.  We have these scheduled intermittently throughout the year so people can get to know others in the section better.  It’s nearly impossible to get to know anyone when you’re raging with an inflatable microphone, so these are really nice to have, and in those first couple weeks, ANYONE I knew and could wave at or say hi to made it a good day.  It’s funny how normally you wouldn’t hug your friends every single time you see them, but at HBS, even if I remembered your name, we would hug.  It made me laugh out loud a couple times because it felt ridiculous, but at the same time, it was needed because people are (literally) clinging on to all relationships in the beginning just to stay afloat.

The restaurant we were at is called “Gourmet Dumpling House” and is a staple in Cambridge.  We had plenty of food this night and I believe Ed and I each paid $12 including tip.  What a deal! We’ve been back several times since, once with Joey and Sissy, which was the best time.


This is a selfie from the night Section D threw section-mate Alex an impromptu bachelorette party.  We wore my buttons from Julie’s bachelorette party in 2011 (#whenhoardingpaysoff) and played the newlywed game in one of the dorm common rooms:

  Bachy 2





Snapchat translation: My bus is sitting right in the middle of the train tracks!

One day I was riding the bus from Julie’s to campus and my bus just stopped right in the middle of the train tracks.  I couldn’t figure out what was happening so I turned on my ipod radio and wouldn’t you know, there was a five-alarm fire the next block over.  It took forever for my bus to detour around it, and when we finally got to the street it was on, I saw massive flames coming out of the top floor, licking the sky.  It was unbelievable!  Turns out a resident dropped a cigarette (speculation), or, as others think, someone’s meth kitchen got out of hand (more speculation).


But for every meth den fire, there’s a beautiful rainbow!

Ok, last party.  A week after the Great Gatsby party, the Euro Club hosted an 80s party.  We quickly learned that every party at HBS is themed and requires a costume.  Ed and I set our costume standard at this party and have outdone ourselves each time, culminating in our Lego costumes (future post).  Here we are, 80s-style:


We didn’t go to the “big” party at da club downtown (Gatsby was enough), but we did go to the pregame at Jimmy’s apartment.  Jimmy appreciates all my costume ideas.  Here are his fridge magnets:


Here’s a group leaving the pregame and heading either home or to the big party:


PHEW!  That covers everything from our first couple weeks at HBS.  Our opinions during this time in our adventure can be summarized in a quick list of pros and cons (originally sent to Ed’s aunt Annie):
Ed: I haven’t flunked out yet!!
Emily: Ed hasn’t flunked out and I am still employed after one week!
Ed: Everyone here is smarter than me! Even the undergrads. So I feel like I’m learning everyday!!
Emily: Ed is actually smarter than everyone else, he just doesn’t realize it!
Emily: All my shoes fit into our closet(s) and Ed didn’t break up with me after I laid them all out in a giant row
Ed: Everything is more expensive in MA. We only have channels 2, 5, 7, 9, 32 for television. I feel like I’m back in gram’s back patio with the rabbit ears.
Emily: Ed told me one pair of shoes I had “only an elf would wear…are you serious right now” so I threw them and nine other pairs out
Both: Where the hell is the microwave
Ed: No cats allowed (Positive perhaps?! Don’t tell Emily)
Emily: We both miss Juicy terribly, and Ed won’t stop talking about cats and how much he loves them and wishes he had several
I’ll leave you with one final photo – Ed’s view from the SkyDeck:



If you read that whole post and looked at all the photos, god bless you.






Our First Week at HBS, A Photo Series, Part I

HI HI HI!  Long time no blogs again, but hey.  I have found myself regularly being swept away, living life and yolo-ing, instead of blogging.  Which is why Ed’s and my first week at HBS is coming in hot and four weeks behind schedule.  I had to go back through my photos to remember what we even did, so this post will be led by the pics and snaps I took during those first days, instead of my ironclad memory.

Let’s start things off with a selfie of two people who have zero clue about anything:


Don’t we look fresh and excited?!  I will remember this photo as “Before” two years from now.  That’s the Bloomberg library behind us as we gave ourselves a little self-guided tour around campus.


This here is Spangler Hall, the hub of HBS.  It’s where the main cafeteria is, the business center (which charges an OUTRAGEOUS $2.65 for a ONE PAGE SCAN.  I cannot even TELL YOU how incredulous I was when I got ONE PAGE scanned and had to USE MY VISA to pay for it), student’s mailboxes, a place called “The Coop” that sells overpriced Harvard merch, and this beautiful common room that people can study and network in:


Spangler is where Ed and I got our official HBS ID’s, check them out:


Snapchat translation: I’m an official HBS Partner – party!


I’m sorting through all my photos and I think there are enough exterior/architecture shots to make this Part I of a two-parter blog.  Are building pictures boring?  Whatevs, it’s the only way I can stay organized.

Here is the church steeple from our balcony (terrace, as the HBS Euros would say):


Omg, isn’t that GORG?!  Here let’s zoom in:


Does anyone else think that’s cool or is it just me because I see it in real life off my balcony terrace?  It’s very hunchback of Harvard.  One night we were enjoying ourselves al fresco, like this:


And along came this amazing storm (below) that no one saw because no one (MOM, DAD, SISSY, JOEY,  MOM #2) answered their ding-dang FaceTime.  It was majestic rolling in, and made us grateful that we lucked out with a penthouse fifth floor unit:


Want more of that hunchback of Harvard steeple?  Me too:


It’s the steeple of the church down the street from us (it’s Catholic, praise JESUS), and that is the view from our side of the street.  Ed and I have been to mass once together here, and it was lovely with an all-boy choir that those Lutherans don’t have.  Ed has gone solo to the Sunday service, which is an hour and 45 minutes long, and is why he goes solo.  Guess who else goes to church?  The neighborhood turkey!


Snapchat translation: Turkey goes to church, amen

See him in the bottom left?  Now that I no longer feel the need to take pictures of him (seventeen is enough, right?) I see people stop in the middle of traffic to get a good shot of this guy.  He just keeps on truckin’.

A little further down the way is the Harvard Community Garden and another New England-y steeple:


Snapchat translation: Harvard Community Garden – plant plant flower flower

Other side of the steeple from the road:


Walk towards the Charles river and you’ll get this view from the bridge:


There is a huge regatta rowing race when Sissy, Anne, Matt and Joey are here in two weeks, so I’ll post some better pics of the river then.  But this is basically what it looks like, only slightly better in person.  I feel lucky that I get to see the calm of the river and feel the neighborhood-ness of Cambridge, but also get to be downtown during the day and feel like a hip young professional.  Which I am.  Here is a shot of the city, looking towards the ocean:


I took this while waiting to be interviewed at a private equity firm.  It was high risk, as the next interviewer could have walked in at any time to see me snapping pics out their window, but it was also high reward.  (I didn’t get that job, but I did get this photo).  That green space you see on the left is the Boston Common – it’s like a Central Park.  There is a beautiful rose garden, a pond with swans, willow trees, plenty of benches to eat your froyo on, a merry-go-round that I’ve never seen working, and lots of grass and trees.  Beyond the buildings is the ocean where all of my favorite seafoods are waiting to be put in my clam chowda.  Behind the camera is the Charles river, then Cambridge, then HBS.

Here’s Eddie and I in the Boston Common, amongst the willow trees:


Also in the Common are street performers – balloon artists, Asian men playing an instrument that is basically a piece of wood with one string attached abut somehow it sounds like a symphony, and this guy:


Ed and I both agreed this gentleman reminded us remarkably of my cousin Dale Dean.  Similar in stature and facial features, clearly a collector of things, and a guy who probably has mooonshine to share with you.  If I knew how to upload a video to my blog, I would share 10 seconds of this guy really killing it.

Also of note regarding Boston buildings: they have crazy elevator call buttons.  I don’t think these have hit Chicago yet (I sure haven’t seen them) so I had to stand in front of the keypad for a minute and think about what to do.  Here’s what you do: to call the elevator while in the lobby, you need to punch in your floor number on the giant keypad:


Then once you’re in the elevator all you see is this:


So if you mess up your floor, you’re totally screwed.  Even though I had correctly requested the right floor, I felt panicked, seeing that there were no extra buttons to push.  There are also these neat little TVs in all the elevators that show how miserable the weather is about to make you:

Snapchat translation: F**k my life, I feel exactly like this fireball emoji

Snapchat translation: F**k my life, I’m about to feel like this fireball emoji

 Those are my building pics from week one, so that wraps up that…and now it’s my bedtime.  Part II to follow with pictures of large groups of people you don’t know.  It’ll be great!

I’ll leave you with this headshot of a business student on his way to his very first class:


Serious.  Focused.  Professional.  Student.

Edward Patrick Kennedy III.