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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Cat


There are a lot of Valentine’s Day gift guides out there.  It can be overwhelming to sift through all the guides “for him,” “for her,” and “for the kids” when all you’re searching for are some rock solid gift ideas for your cat.  Hey look no further, cat lovers!  I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything I’m giving my own cat, Juicy, for Valentine’s Day this year.  Don’t be shy, you can give your cat them all, too!

Gift Idea #1 – A really energetic “Good morning!” 

I wish Juicy a good morning every single day, but today I will do so in my highest, perkiest cat mom voice.  I like to think that Juicy knows this voice is only reserved for special occasions, and for when she gets her soft food every night (see gift idea #5).  While she does not respond well (*at all*) to my “naughty cat” voice, I do think she understands that something magical is about to happen to her with my excited voice.  Try it out – your kitty won’t be disappointed!  At the very least, they’ll at least look up to see what’s the matter with you.

Gift Idea #2 – Deep and meaningful eye contact

Juicy loves this.  Today I’ll give her extra.  I like to try and mind-meld with her at least once a day.  When we lock eyes, nothing is more intriguing than what she could be thinking and if she understands that we are having a staring contest.  What if she holds the secret to life?  What if she is the secret to life?  Ed thinks her tiny head can’t house an advanced brain, but I think that no one really knows.  Juicy and I will practice this at various points today so she understands that her gift to me should be telepathy.


Trying hard to communicate via brainwave

Gift Idea #3 – Shoe box

Forget cat beds!  Lions like Juicy can’t be bothered with those.  Ditch the plush for the cold hard corners of a discarded JustFab boot box (Juicy requires boot boxes due to the additional space, but if you have a regular, non-majestic cat, please feel free to use a regular shoe box).  Literally this is Juicy’s favorite spot to sit and watch the world go by.  As a special treat, today I will move the box to a new location, but still within view of me so we can indulge in Gift Idea #2 whenever the mood strikes.  Right now the box is to my left.  Perhaps this afternoon I will move the box further to the left and give her the gift of perspective.


Front view. Actual favorite shoe box


Back view

Gift Idea #4 – Drugs Catnip

WOW does Juicy like to trip on catnip.  Usually reserved as a distraction for the times we’re apart for more than 24 hours, today I’ll blow her mind by sprinkling OD quantities of catnip on her two claw toys.  Maybe I’ll even sprinkle some on her back to see what happens!  Gift giving is a two-way street!


Juicy, post-catnip {Art by Max Page}

Gift Idea #5 – Soft foods at regularly scheduled time

This may not sound like a special Valentine’s gift, and that’s because it’s not.  Juicy gets her soft food, like the gift that it is, every day.  If you’ve also got a daily soft food pattern, you have got to get creative when turning it into a gift!  Start simple – for instance, today I plan on letting Juicy know that this soft food is not like yesterday’s (it’s exactly the same) by saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day Jewwwwwwwwice!  Ohhhhh da baby!  Here you go!  Om nom nom!  So GOOOOOOOOD!”  This will up the ante in flavor for her.  Pro tip: if you’re thinking about mixing two soft food flavors together in order to create something really out of this world, just know that the last time I did that it backfired in an unbelievable way.


Waiting patiently for soft food

So there you go!  Everything you need to make your cat’s Valentine’s Day extra special is at your fingertips or available by using a different octave of your voice.  Have fun and stay sweet!


Expressing gratitude