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Blog’s Back

{Juicy and I, looking at our future through a picture window}

{Juicy and me, looking at our future through a picture window}

Yeah hello!  Blog’s back.  At least for today it is.  Huge news: I’ve decided that my life is STARTING in 2017.  I’m aiming to live my 2017 life like the power women featured in the biographies on my Goodreads to-read shelf, and thought this post would be a worthy place to start.  The only difference I can see between people like Diane von Furstenberg and me right now is that they DO THINGS instead of bingeing on Orange is the New Black (which, highly recommend, even if it doesn’t let you live your best life).

Last year breezed by with all sorts of fun and new beginnings (bye-bye Boston, see ya job, hello marriage, greetings grad school) and it was a full-throttle, disorganized, love-filled exhilaration from beginning to end.  I think an accurate representation of my mental state in the latter half of 2016 was a delicate balance of hanging onto sanity while blaming my shortfalls on not knowing where all my sh*t was.  Like, I was certain the reason I couldn’t focus on up-lighting for the wedding was because I didn’t know where my senior-year English anthologies were and the stress of that non-issue was mind-melting (they were in Reno at the time, now they’re in a box in the garage).

It was an exciting and terrifying way to live life, but now I’m ready for some structure and calculated power moves that will take me from life-bystander to focused life-CEO.  I’m going to do everything I can this year to find a direction and take it, even if it’s super wrong and I can’t tell anyone about it until years later once the shame has faded.  This blog is one of the directions I’m going, which may or may not work out, so no pressure on any of us here.  I’ve been waiting for my destiny to show up since 2007, but it must be lost because the only thing that rings my doorbell is the UPS guy, and he doesn’t come over that often. *only when JustFab is having a sale.

I’d love for you to join me as I search for my destiny, so please read any and all posts you are interested in, and leave a comment with encouragement if you like what you read.

Also of note: I am writing for a beauty start-up blog, and my posts about everything from 2016 Beauty Trends You Don’t Need to Care About Anymore to How to Wear Grey Lipstick and Not Look Dead, will be linked in the side column and are important must-reads.  Check them out!

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