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National Margarita Day



What better way to celebrate February 22nd than with an ice cold margarita?  If your plans for tonight didn’t originally include tequila, hey they do now.  Hit the store on the way home and pick up some sauce (*tequila), triple sec, lime juice, limes and salt for the glass rim.  Treat yo’self with something fancier than regular salt though, as this is a special day and you probably deserve it.  May I suggest a spicy chili salt that really dresses the glass up?

Look how much fun this glass is having

Look how much fun this glass is having

I think during a typical winter, this holiday is especially useful for lifting the spirits of otherwise grumpy, snow-shoveling, vitamin-d-deprived Americans.  But, it’s almost 70 degrees here today in Illinois, so the margaritas I will consume post-nooner will simply alleviate the anxiety I get when I think too hard about global warming.

Ever wonder what the appropriate number of cocktails is for a mid-week binge?  Only you know that answer.  But I recently was personally reminded of how many margaritas I can responsibly handle, and that number is two when served in the Mega size at Cesar’s Margaritas in Chicago.  I asked the bartender how many ounces are in the Mega so I could be an informed and prepared consumer, but he conveniently didn’t know and reminded me that that number is not important.

The best margarita I’ve ever, ever had was beach-side on the island of Cozumel in Mexico after riding a moped around and around, only making right turns because none of us knew the rules of the Mexican road.  We right-turned our way into some fresh fish tacos (also the best I’ve ever had) and ordered up rounds of mango margs with the most incredible salt rim ever constructed by man.  I would give you the name of the restaurant, but I don’t think it was a legitimate establishment.  In fact it was probably just some family’s ocean backyard.

Actual photo

Actual Mexican-marg scene photo

Let’s talk more local.  The best margarita I’ve had in the USA is basically any one made with cucumber.  If there is not a cucumber margarita on the drink list, just take me to Cesar’s.  When served in a regular glass, I think my limit on cuke margs hoovers at about four, but according to the diagram below, it can easily be increased.


Are you going to YOLO and celebrate life with a margarita today?   YOU SHOULD.  Unless you’re underage, in which case you should order a virgin daiquiri and wait patiently until your 21st birthday.  Text me any time after 3pm and I will text you back a photo similar to this:

Photo quality courtesy Ed's iPhone 5

Photo quality courtesy Ed’s iPhone 5






3 thoughts on “National Margarita Day

  1. Why wasn’t it announced on my Calendar and all News media to inform me of such an outstandingly celebratory day? Happy Margarita day!

  2. Love the flowchart!!

  3. This post is so HAPPY and I was thrilled to see the real-life Mexico photo and tie-in. I want more stories about past experiences I was a part of, por favor mamacita. I wish there was a pic of the tacos, ay caramba!

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