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Goals for 2017


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It’s still January, so not too late to get some goals in order!  I’m a fan of goals any time of year, but they are especially shiny and inspiring in January.  Five of mine are below – one for each fingie so I can keep track of them all on one hannie.

  1. Last year I pledged on Goodreads (find me there at edohse) to read 20 books, and was so far away from completing that goal I can’t even write the final number here (it is not a double-digit).  This year I’m back at it, still aiming for 20, and I’ve already jump started things by getting a fresh library card.  I plan on doing a deep dive into the biography, memoir and self-help sections.  You can look forward to reviews on power women, along with groundbreaking tips on how not to be late (at least they will be groundbreaking for meh).
  2. Make writing a habit. Look!  While stating this goal I am simultaneously working towards it.  Should I check it off now??  This goal will be accomplished via this blog, and now that I’ve posted the goal, I have committed to the universe and myself, and people saw me do it, so in order to avoid shame I will make this blog great again for the first time.
  3. Add more items to my cooking repertoire.  Unlike Drake, I started from the bottom and I’m still there.  Which – my bad, my bad – I’m an adult and should have worked on this earlier.  But, the only place left to go is up, away from this crossroads of “cereal” and “chicken with rice.”
  4. Be a more committed learner in my grad program.  I feel like I can do anything now that finance is over, mostly because I have learned that I cannot do finance.  I hated fractions in second grade and it turns out I still hate them at 32, so bring on the soft skills of marketing!
  5. Keep taking good care of my body (“it’s the only one you’ve got!” – Karen D). I think I really upped my game with this last year and so it is a no-brainer to continue.  Habits will include:
    • Regular face masks. Looking for luxury and variety at a decent price point?  Allow me to suggest Peter Thomas Roth’s mask sampler kit.  If you’re a baller, get the big one and share with me.
    • Regular body lotion application. Target areas of 2016: hands, feet, neck.  New target area: décolletage (nobody wants leathery cleavage).
    • Obvi flossing.  Introduce the habit to my bottom retainer.
    • Daily stretching. Shout out to the random woman in 2008 who told me to never stop stretching, saying I will thank my younger self.  I think she was on to something.  Was she me from the future??  I predict my 40s will be a good judge of how well this worked out, so never quit reading this blog to find out.
    • For the love of god, quit rubbing my eyes.
    • Reach goal: use cuticle oil.

Did anybody else set some goals for 2017?

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3 thoughts on “Goals for 2017

  1. I believe in your goals! We’ll really be able to see if your lotion application and flossing habits pan out because I don’t do those things and we can compare ourselves then preach to the world fact or myth.

    Cuticle oil should not be a reach goal, I’m sure you have it in your makeup cave and you just put it on after painting those almond shaped nrrrls!

    I can’t wait for recaps of these goals (writing idea) and snapchats of your new dinners! My goal for 2017 is to keep keeping Johnny alive.

    • Thank you for your support and for clicking on all of my links and for subscribing to all of my MEDIA! I believe in your goal as well, and if Johnny had a “like” button, I’d click it.

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